In Nov 2013 we were invited to speak at UN Women UK National Committee Corporate Advisory Group Meeting on Gender Perspectives on Water & Sanitation. We highlighted the importance of including the critical issue of protecting and restoring the ecosystems; which maintain the global water cycle, into the content of ‘A Stand-Alone Sustainable Development Goal For Water’ in the Post 2015 Agenda. In our talk we emphasised the vital importance of mountain ecosystems and suggested that UN Women could take part in setting a ball rolling for a global paradigm shift in which the water cycle is recognised as central to all life processes and therefore the ecosystems, which maintain the cycle and which, it is utterly dependent upon to function effectively are protected and restored. Considering this we emphasised the significant and essential roles that mountain communities, especially women could potentially play as protectors of the worlds freshwater sources. In present times corporations are playing greater roles in major decision making and having a greater influence on the outcome of Sustainable Development negotiations. Therefore we discussed with corporate representatives, the necessity that corporations emphasise the need to really consider the natural ecosystems in their decision-making, as by working for sound environmental sustainability, they are working for their own sustainability and potential long-term success.

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