Is it time to think more carefully about water? If you think it is then you may find this book very interesting.

Active Remedy recently released a new book called ‘Earth’s Water Story-Taking a Closer Look’. Using striking photographs, poignant words and quotes from experts it takes a closer look at the water cycle as a whole global system, the way that it is interlinked with forests, mountain ecosystems and climate, how it reaches our taps and the reasons why it is threatened.

This bite-sized book is intended to provide food for thought with a compact and refreshing approach. It covers many interesting aspects of the global water cycle that are often overlooked and also offers some innovative solutions for safeguarding it. Despite the fact that water is essential for life on Earth, there seems to be a significant lack of general awareness about the ecological mechanisms, which maintain the water cycle and the urgency of the present global water situation.

Active Remedy has put a lot of focus on bringing together the diverse scientific research that there is on this topic and making it more accessible and comprehensive to a wide audience. The authors Stella Joy and Tara Joy created this book working with the principle that striking images and short thought provoking text have the capacity to convey a message very effectively and succinctly in an exciting format.

We hope that it will prove to be helpful and informative for many people. It could for example assist students in gaining a greater overall understanding of the complex dynamics within the water cycle and direct them towards pertinent bodies of research for further studies. It could also help those in positions of governance to become better informed about water, the global water cycle and its relationship with climate. This could help with integrating the complete water and climate perspective into decision-making processes.

The point is that because we really are entering into a time when water will be a major topic of discussion then it makes sense that we all become better informed about it. We hope that this book can help in this. We would very much like to hear your feedback on it.

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