“ ‘Talanoa’ is a traditional word used in Fiji and across the Pacific to reflect a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue.”(UNFCCC).

At COP23 in November 2017, under the presidency of the Republic of Fiji, the Talanoa Dialogue was launched for the purpose of helping the 175 parties (174 countries and the European Union), who have agreed to the Paris Agreement Goals, to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In order to structure this process it sets out three key questions that can aid in deciding and clarifying the important steps that need to be taken.

Where are we? Where do we want to go? How do we get there?

Active Remedy recently had the opportunity to submit a contribution into this Dialogue. We felt that it would be valuable for us to take part in this process so that we could ensure that the global water cycle, how it regulates global climate and the necessity for large-scale ecosystem restoration’ were all included within the Dialogue. We are interested in the Talanoa Dialogue and hope that it will  help the global community to address human induced Climate Change as agreed upon in the Paris Agreements  and hence facilitate long-term sustainability.

The preparatory phase of the Talanoa Dialogue, commenced in January 2018. Governments and civil society have been engaging in the process through National and Regional meetings and through submitting inputs to the platform. During the sessions that have taken place to date, governments amd civil society, have gathered to share stories from their own perspective in response to the three questions of the Dialogue.

The purpose of Talanoa is to share stories, build empathy and to make wise decisions for the collective good. The process of Talanoa involves the sharing of ideas, skills and experience through storytelling.(UNFCCC).

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