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Fresh Water ecosystems

The Magnitude of the Global Freshwater Crisis and the Risks Associated With it, Have Been Greatly Underestimated.

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Indigenous mountain Forests

The Mass Depletion of these Forests is Having Catastrophic Effects Upon the Global Water Cycle

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Mountain ecosystems

Rapidly Retreating Glaciers Cause Depletion of our Primary Water Sources

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Mountain Communities

Supporting Rural Mountain Communities is a Fundamental Part of the Remedy
that we are Proposing for Safeguarding the Global Water Cycle

Our World, Our Water, Our Responsibility

We believe in taking responsibility, therefore we are dedicated to the safeguarding of the Global Water Cycle.

This cycle could cease to function effectively within the next 30 years, thus threatening all life on Earth.

The protection and restoration of mixed mountain forests worldwide is a potential solution for addressing this critical problem.

We are working to ensure the implementation of Target 6.6 of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
“By 2020, protect and restore water-related ecosystems, including mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, aquifers and lakes”

How Can you Help?

Helping is easy, simply share a page, start a conversation, and if you feel so inclined, donate to the cause.


Fresh water and the protection of the global water cycle should be discussed as widely as possible.


Help us to keep including the global water cycle issue in the sustainable development agenda and help us to get mixed mountain forests regenerated throughout the world.


Contact government officials and check if they have included the protection of the global water cycle and relevant ecosystems into water policies, planning and actions


Join together with us and others in discussion, put on benefit events and use our various capacities to address this common global problem.

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Find out what we and others are doing to help

In December 2013 the work of Active Remedy Ltd was accepted as a method for mitigating harmful affects of climate change and we were accepted as a partner organisation with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in the Nairobi Work Program.

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Who we are

Working together to safeguard the global freshwater cycle

  • Tara Joy
    Tara Joy Co-Founder

    In 2002 Tara Joy was greatly moved by her experiences of witnessing severe environmental degradation throughout the Himalayan mountain regions and the extreme water shortages that were occurring as a result of it. Therefore she co-founded Active Remedy in 2005 and has dedicated her life to uniting people around the world, to work together to protect the global water cycle. She has worked over many years on researching the situation and has helped to formulate a blueprint model that can be implemented to resolve it.

  • Stella Joy
    Stella Joy Co-Founder

    Stella Joy has spent many years working for the protection of the global water cycle. Her focus has been the protection and restoration of the ecosystems that are essential in maintaining this cycle. She has been able to bring more attention to this within the UNFCCC since Active Remedy Ltd. became a partner in the Nairobi Work Program.

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