We gave a presentation at the Global Summit on Sustainable Development in Chattisgarh, India In February 2009, where we met with others who like us were looking for solutions to global environmental problems. Between Feb 7th-9th 2009 we attended the GLOSS Summit & Biodiversity held in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India.

It was pertinent that the event took place in Chattisgarh, which is a State that is renowned for its forest and tribal traditions. It was organised by the VRM Foundation and we were happy to be delegates to share and discuss our work and vision and the global dilemmas related to water, forest and climate. The objectives of the summit were to bring together academics, administrators, policy makers and social activists onto a common platform. This was to initiate meaningful dialogue relating to sustainable biodiversity conservation, climate change, traditional knowledge , environmental governance and sustainable development. A very important objective of this Summit was to identify the mechanism for implementing f the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s).

The objectives of the summit appeared to fit with those of Active Remedy. Therefore we were very happy to accept this invitation. We wrote a paper to be published in one of three ‘Gloss’ Summit Volumes, gave a speech and Power-point presentation on the 8th Feb and took part in several technical sessions, panels and discussions throughout the three day Summit. Overall there seemed to be beneficial outcomes from our input and attendance at the Summit. We were well received, the presentation was said to be a success and we got the opportunity to meet with many experts and environmentally concerned individuals. We felt very welcomed at the event and it was also touching the way that we were honoured as ‘Green Ambassadors for Europe’ and awarded Certificates and a Trophy by the VRM Foundation. This trophy was presented at the closing ceremony by the Governor of Chhattisgarh State (E.S.L Narasimhan).

A book compiling the presentations is entitled ‘Biodiversity and Sustainable Development’.
ISBN No. 978‐81‐7625‐994‐1.

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