On 21st June 2012 while attending the Rio+20 Sustainability Summit in Rio de Janeiro we were amazed and surprised to meet with Kogi Mamas. They had come from their remote home in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia with renowned BBC film maker Alan Ereira and Prof. Alex Rogers (a leading ocean conservation scientist). with the purpose of communicating their awareness and vision to world governments.

Back in 1990 the Kogi Mamas first came into the public eye when they emerged from there isolated homes to work with BBC film maker Alan Ereira in creating a profound message to the rest of the world. This was called ‘Message from the Heart of the World’ and through it they warned us all that humanity needed to make some important changes to safeguard the world. Particularly they warned that we need to safeguard fresh water, rivers, mountains and forests.

“It is the mountains which make the waters, the rivers and the clouds. If the trees are felled they will not produce any more water. We do not cut down the trees that grow by rivers, we know that they protect the water. We do not cut down huge areas of forest like the Younger Brother does.” (Kogi Mamas, Message from the Heart of the World)

By 2012 humanity still hadn’t made the changes needed and environmental degradation had greatly increased. That is why three Kogi Mamas traveled to the Rio+20 Summit to try to make their message clearer.

They once again joined with Alan Ereira and made a second film called ‘Aluna’ with the hope that this time the message would be listened to. On the evening of June 21st a 20 minute extract from Aluna was presented at the Rio+20 Summit. We felt privileged to be able to attend this event and to communicate with the Kogi Mamas directly. We were able to sincerely thank them for their great work and to urge all those present to really assimilate the message that they shared and to take the urgent action advised.

We were also happy to see representatives of the Colombian Cancilleria (Foreign Ministry) and Environment Ministry in attendance along with professor Alex Rogers, a leading ocean conservation scientist. He had spent time with the Kogi Mamas in Columbia and affirmed that, the information, which they gave was scientifically correct. Considering how difficult it is to meet with the Kogi Mamas, this meeting was deeply touching for us. The Kogi Mamas are a major inspiration that has motivated the formation and the on going work of Active Remedy Ltd. As the years pass their words are more pertinent and their warnings resound even clearer.

“Our message is not only for the people here, they are for people all over the World… You don’t have to abandon your lives but you must protect the rivers” (Kogi Mamas, Aluna)

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