In August 2012 Active Remedy became expansion members of ‘The Global Alliance For Nature’ promoting rights of nature. We are impressed and inspired by this refreshing and poignant initiative that does not solely consider the rights for humans but also asserts the rights of nature.

Unfortunately in present times there is a predominant attitude, which considers the different aspects of nature as resources to be owned and traded. This perspective sets humans apart from nature, rather than recognising that all life forms and ecosystems are deeply intertwined. Because of this we have now reached a point of huge environmental instability. Naturally humanity want to survive and fortunately we have a wealth of ingenuity to help us to do so, yet we cannot afford to ignore our interdependence with the other life forms and ecological systems of Earth. Interestingly by considering the needs of nature as a whole, we are actually working to provide for our own long-term needs.

Now with the widespread degradation of so many fundamental life-supporting ecosystems, it seems that a formal recognition of the rights of nature is essential to prevent irreparable worldwide environmental disasters. We therefore support and commend the work being done to secure the global recognition of the rights of nature. The Peoples Agreement (from the World People’s Conference on Climate Change) and the Rights of Mother Earth in Bolivia are also important parts of this process.

While attending Rio+20 we became Signatories of the Peoples’ Sustainability Treaty – ‘Rights of Mother Earth’

“Existing governance systems that assume that humans are separate from the environment have wrought great destruction, degradation, and disruption of Mother Earth, putting life as we know it today at significant risk through habitat destruction, species elimination, climate change, and other threats. Existing economic systems treat the natural world as property that can be exploited and degraded, rather than as an integral ecological partner with its own rights to exist and thrive, leading to dangerously unbalanced relationships among humans and Mother Earth and her other inhabitants.” (Excerpt from Peoples’ Sustainability Treaty – Rights of Mother Earth)

“The need to focus on the Rights of Nature, are especially important in these times when so much of our direct relationship with living nature all around us has been largely ignored and forgotten. Due to this, massive abuses and destruction of the multitude of species within the natural world, have taken place and a large percentage of humanity has lost its balance. The multitude of species which we share Earth with need to be heard and protected. Rights for Nature help provide for these needs…” (Stella Joy, Tara Joy. 2012, ‘Respecting the Rights of Nature’)

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