Where does our drinking water come from? How does it reach us and how can we safeguard it?

These are very important questions that we should all be asking because fresh water is essential for every aspect of our lives and yet there is a surprising lack of awareness about how the global water cycle works and how we can safeguard it. For our long-term survival we all need to become much better informed about fresh water so that we can do what is needed to make sure that it continues to circulate around the world and get to the places where it is needed.

Freshwater is circulated around the Earth via the water cycle. This cycle is utterly dependent upon healthily functioning ecosystems such as mountains, glaciers, mountain forests, rain forests and wetlands.

Many of these ecosystems have been dramatically degraded and this is destabilising the global water cycle. Greater awareness about this situation is needed across the board so that appropriate action can be taken to rectify it.

This gallery is intended to be food for thought with key points that need considering, problems that need resolving and innovative solutions that can be applied.

Food For Thought about Water

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