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Humanity is presently standing at a metaphorical crossroads and we are all part of influencing, which way we turn. Although present environmental and social conditions may feel daunting and even deeply disturbing, this is really a time when many positive things can happen.
“A critical mass of people who want good, think good, speak good and do good can generate positive transformation in the world.” (Goodnet)
This is why we would like to share the Goodnet with you all. The Goodnet connects people around the world with opportunities for doing good. Their media platform is full of interesting, humorous, touching and inspiring stories, news, initiatives, opportunities, films etc. focussed on helping people to make good choices and be involved in conscientious activities that can benefit society and the environment.

We were recently included into their Good Directory, which is a thorough index showcasing organizations, apps, websites and services that are working towards positive transformation in the world.
These cover a wide variety of categories such as: volunteering, environment, wellness, nourishment, recycling, education and much more.

It seems that working in an interconnected manner and recognising our interdependence with each other and the rest of nature are essential for bringing about healthy societies and ecosystems for present and future generations.

Let’s all be responsible for making wiser choices for today and the future.

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